You’ve Automated Your Network with VMware NSX – What About App Delivery?

January 27, 2022

According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) of VMware NSX report, over $3 million savings were realized from IT automation. Why stop there and keep load balancing the last holdup in your digital transformation? The summit focuses on three key questions:

  • Why a modern approach to load balancing is a must and not just a good-to-have in software defined data centers and clouds
  • How have organizations benefitted by deploying highly automated, cloud-friendly, and advanced load balancing
  • What are the capabilities a modern load balancer should offer? Automation, troubleshooting, self-service, elasticity, analytics and more

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Ask me anything: How to Operationalize Load Balancing for VMware NSX

January 27, 2022 | 8:00AM PT
You’ve started on your network virtualization journey by choosing VMware’s software-defined networking solution – NSX. What about load balancing?

Load Balancing – The Critical Component of VMware NSX Automation

January 27, 2022 | 9:00AM PT
You’ve made the decision to say goodbye to hardware appliances in your networking stack but feel stuck with your load balancing choices? VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer automates L4-L7 app services, simplifies operations and offers the best integration with VMware NSX.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Application Delivery for VMware NSX

January 27, 2022 | 10:00AM PT
The hardware appliance approach clearly seems like a step backward – away from your multi-cloud and automation goals. You will learn step-by-step how to move forward with advanced load balancing for VMware NSX-T.


Lei Yang
Director, Product Marketing

Rahul Phadke
Product Line Manager

Dimitri Desmidt
Technical Product Manager

Palak Desai
Director of Product Management

Abdul Aziz Md
Technical Product Line Manager

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